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PRO Team

Sean Silveria

Pro Team Rider

“Smile Damnit”

Age: 29
Home Wave: Any FlowRider or Behind a Supra Boat
BOARDS: SS Pro Model 43″ Quad Channel Outlaw
STANCE: Regular

Credentials: 6x World Champion, 5x USA National Champion

Other Talents: Pro Wake Surfer, Anything with board

Daniel Tarapchak

Pro Team Rider

Age: 21
Home Wave: The Dropzone Waterpark
Stance: Goofy all the way

Credentials: 3x World Bodyboard Champion, 2x US National Champion

Preferred Gear: FlowRiderShop is my one stop shop 🤟🏼 Check out the DT PRO Model Bodyboard, Outlaws and Graphite Flowboards.

Favorite Trick: Rodeo to Prone on a bodyboard and a Backside heel flip on standup

Favorite Quote: “be happy for no reason, like a child. If your happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you.”- Deepak Chopra

Why is Flowboarding Fun to you?
The way flowboarding brings me fun and happiness is through meeting and exploring the positive people around the world that always continue to excite me for more years to come.

What makes you laugh?
Having a session with friends were everyone is having fun and not caring about what tricks being thrown. & being a judge, that makes me laugh to

What are you doing when you are not flowboarding? I’m in the ocean surfing, snowboarding the mountains, or skateboarding the streets, basically finding a way to stay active.

Songkrod Jomboon

Pro Team Rider

Age: 19
Stance: Regular
Home Wave: Surf House Patong / Surf House Phuket

BM Pro Model 43″ Quad Channel Outlaw
35" Extreme Poly Pro Bodyboard
Quicksilver Brand

Favorite Trick: Backside 540 spin & Nightmare Flip

Credentials: Pro Flowboard Runner Up 2016 World Flowboarding Championships

Isara Singto

Pro Team Rider

AKA: The Simba

Nate Murray

Pro Team Rider

Age: 34
Home Wave: Margaritaville Hollywood Beach
Stance: Regular

Preferred Gear: 42” Carbon Outlaw. Vibram KSO.

Favorite Trick: 360 flip. Switch kickflip.

Favorite Quote: Quick little 3.5

Why is Flowboarding Fun to you? Learn something new everyday

What makes you laugh? Something funny

What are you doing when you are not flowboarding? Skateboarding. Making music. Playing with legos.

Nick Nguyen

Pro Team Rider

AKA: Tricky Nicky

Credentials: 5x World Bodyboard Champion, 5x US National Champion

Board Selection:
13roz Bodyboard - NN Pro Model
40" Shuv-It Wood Flowboard

Joel Stevens

Pro Team Rider

Nick Name: Baby dunk
Age: 18
Home Wave: Solara Resort
Stance: Goofy

Bodyboard Runner up at 2018 World Flowboarding Championships
US FLOW Tour JR Flowboard & JR Bodyboard Champion

Preferred Gear:
42” Quad Channel Carbon Outlaw with Diamond Grip

Favorite Trick:
Big Flip

Favorite Quote:
You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

Why is Flowboarding Fun to you?
I am able to travel the world and see the friends that I grew up with and meet new people.

What makes you laugh?
Watching the office.

What are you doing when you are not flowboarding?
When I am not riding I am going to school and focusing on my career.

Patrick Wongwut

Pro Team Rider


Age: 11 (2007)
Home Wave: Cartoon Network Amazone
Stance: Goofy

Credentials: Youngest World Championship Finalist (11yrs), Currently ranked #3 in the World.

Preferred Gear: PB3 Pro Model
Favorite Trick: 360 DK Roll

Favorite Quote: Let's do this!!

Why is Flowboarding Fun to you?:
It is fun because it feels extreme and you can achieve more things all the time

What makes you laugh?:
Funny fails make me laugh

What are you doing when you are not flowboarding?:
Skimboarding, skateboarding, wake boarding, trampoline boarding, snakeboarding, fingerboarding, playing pool, swimming, handboarding, solving a rubik's cube, and going to school.

Dale Proctor

Pro Team Rider

AKA: Boy wonder from down under
Age: 19
Home Wave: Dreamworld, Gold Coast (currently Cairns)
Stance: Regular
Current Bodyboard Ranking: #4 in the World

Preferred Gear:
35.5" Poly Pro with Mesh Bodyboard and custom features
40" & 42" Outlaw Flowboards

Favorite Trick:
Tre (360) flip!

Favorite Quote:

Why is Flowboarding Fun to you?
One of the best feelings in the world riding a FlowRider. I think pretty much everyone who Flowboards would agree with me.

What makes you laugh?
Joking around with my mates

What are you doing when you are not flowboarding?
Eat & usually watch videos of Flowboarding

Josh Soto

Pro Team Rider

AKA: Soto

Sam Powell

Pro Team Rider

Age: 29
Home Wave: Twinwoods Adventure, Bedford, UK
Stance: Regular (Boogie & Flowboard)
Preferred Gear:
37.5" Boogie, shaved tail, nose bulbs.
40" Shuvit Extreme Flowboard

Credentials: 2x European FLOW Tour Champion

Favorite Trick:
Flats Rodeos Social media tags: @flowpowell

Favorite Quote:
"Do. Or do not. There is no try." - Yoda

Why is Flowboarding Fun to you? :
There is always more to learn - If I'm not learning, I'm bored!

What makes you laugh? :
Myself. I've got a terrible sense of humour and I've now given up on making other people laugh - I find me hilarious.

What are you doing when you are not flowboarding? :
Saving the world! I work for a company that provides technology solutions for everyone that makes our world go round - Banks, Airlines,Transport providers, Militaries, Police etc. My job definitely keeps me busy and takes me to some very interesting places! Other than that, I try to spend as much time as I can hitting the gym, reading, and generally getting better at life.

Nate Brimacombe

Team Rider

Age: 19
Home Wave: Hurricane Harbor, TX

Stance: Regular

Preferred Gear: 35" Bodyboard

Favorite Trick: ARS

Favorite Quote: “There's only one thing I hate more than lying: skim milk. Which is water that is lying about being milk. - Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman)

What makes you laugh? : Most Memes, and Ron Swanson.

Why is Flowboarding Fun to you? : There’s always something I can strive to get better at, making it feel much more competitive.

What are you doing when you are not flowboarding? : I am constantly working as a manager at one of the local Chick-Fil-A’s, I go to school full time, and on my free time I like to sneak in some video game time.


Johnathan Hintz

Pro Team Rider

Credentials: 3x Canadian FLOW Tour Champion

Jordan Walter

Team Rider

Age: 16
Home wave: Cascade Falls Aquatic center Ankeny, Iowa
Stance: regular

Preferred gear:
40" outlaw flow board
35" extreme poly pro body board

Favorite trick: varial kickflip on flowboard and big spins on bodyboard
Favorite quote: The task had of you is never as great as the power behind you.

Why is flowboarding fun to you: because of the flowrider community and the challenge of learning new tricks to grow as a rider.

What makes you laugh: My friends or when something funny happens on the flowrider.

What do you do when you are not flowboarding: skateboard, snowboard other board sports and also like to build stuff.

Ryan Lemons

Team Rider

Age: 33

Home Wave: Liberty Lagoon (Baton Rouge)

Stance: Goofy

Preferred Gear: 42" Outlaw Flowboard

Favorite Trick: Anything thrown clean and proper always look and feel good on the FlowRider. I’m a big fan of skateboard style tricks.

Favorite Quote: Saying “YEET” before I throw something.

Why is Flowboarding Fun to you? : I can’t describe it, it’s just the best feeling ever. Once you find the balance point and learn to carve back and forth, you're hooked. It’s just awesome being on the water and riding with friends and learning new tricks, challenging yourself, encouraging friends to try new tricks and progress. Even solo sessions when it’s just you is amazing. Actually... even the drive home feeling all relaxed and listening to your music is just amazing in itself. You feel all refreshed and mentally cleansed. That stoke stays with you for the rest of the day. It’s very therapeutic.

What makes you laugh? : Old comedies that people would say are stupid. I have a weird sense of humor. Monty python and the holy grail, airplane etc. I actually ONLY watch comedies. I don’t like dramas or horror movies or anything like that. I try to keep the good vibes and stay laughing. I definitely don’t keep up with the Kardashian’s.

What are you doing when you are not flowboarding? : I grew up riding BMX and skateboarding from a very young age and still ride to this day. I was a pro wakeskater for 12 years and traveled a lot with that. I also play music and build cars and choppers. I have too many hobbies. My son’s due date is June 22nd 2019, so by the time you’re reading this I’ll probably just be changing a lot of diapers and hanging out with him! haha

Zack Schuster

Team Rider


Home Wave: Snohomish Aquatic Center, WA

Stance: Regular

Preferred Gear: 40.5" Graphite Shuvit Xtreme with VGT

Favorite Trick: Varial in the flats

Favorite Quote: "I wumbo, you wumbo, he-she-me wumbo. Wumboing, wumbology, the study of wumbo. It's first grade Spongebob." -Patrick Star

Why flowboarding is fun to me: I love flowboarding because it is unique and it stands out from all other sports. Everybody in the community is connected and it is all about challenging yourself to be better than you were before. No ride is the same so you never know whats gonna happen when you step on the wave. I know one day the sport is going to be huge and we are just getting started, this is the next big thing that no one expects, except us.

What makes me laugh: Usually I will laugh when I'm with my friends, or with my family. Spongebob makes me laugh too.

What am I doing when I am not flowboarding: I love to make videos in my free time. I really like filming with my friends and then going home and just spending hours working on a video and watching it all come together.

Alex Ordorica

Team Rider

Age: 20
Home wave: Punto Surf, México
Stance: Regular

Preferred Gear: Flowboard, 40" Graphite Shuv-it LE Concave and VGT
Favorite trick: 360 kickflip & Bigflip

*Fun Fact: Alex made the Semi-Finals at the 2016 World Flowboarding Championships at AquaWorld Cancun

Why is flowboarding fun to you?
Because you can progress and push yourself to learn new tricks, travel and compete around the world meeting new people, and always have fun while riding with your friends.

What make you laugh?
TV shows, friends and memes.

What are you you doing when your not flowboarding?
I like to skate with friends, travel and do all kind of outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

Dylan Shub

Team Rider

Nickname: Shub
Age: 14 years old
Home Wave: Boca Raton Resort
Stance: Regular
Gear: 43" Quad Channel Outlaw

Favorite Trick: Tre (360) Flip

Favorite Quote: Don’t count the days, make the days count” - Muhammad Ali

Why do you enjoy Flowboarding:
I love flowboarding because it is a mix of all board sports especially wake surfing! I love flow boarding because there is a mix of all skill levels and I love helping people ride to get better!

What makes you laugh?:
Good jokes and funny wipe outs on the FlowRider

What are you doing when your not flowboarding?:
I am at school,work or wakesurfing.

Tegan Storm

Team Rider

Age: 17
Home Wave: Laguna Waterpark WaveOz, Dubai
Stance: Goofy
Preferred Gear: 38" Graphite Shuvit Extreme with 10" step channels

Favorite Trick: 3-Shuv Combos

Favorite Quote: "Happiest with a board under my feet" -Tegan Storm

Why is Flowboarding Fun to you?
Flowboarding is fun to me because theres always a new trick to learn so it never gets boring and also flowboarding lets me meet new friends all over the world!

What makes you laugh?
I laugh when I'm happy :))

What are you doing when you are not flowboarding?
When I'm not flowboarding I'm in Edinburgh studying!

Cory Woods

Team Rider

AKA: Hype man

Age: 40
Home Wave: SplitRockResort
Stance: Switch

Favorite Trick: Hubbcap

Preferred Gear:
Custom FR Bodyboard with Poly Pro, Mesh bottom and Rodeo Grips
Flow Rebel swag

Favorite Quote: “You only have one life to live so enjoy it.”

Why is Flowboarding Fun to you?
Its fun, a work out, it’s a social sport helping everyone What makes you laugh? Animals and MTV’s Ridiculousness

What are you doing when you are not flowboarding? Working, golfing and hanging with family.


FR TEAM is always searching for riders to join their Ambassador Team of riders.

FlowRider looks for enthusiasm and riding potential. The best rider is the rider having the most fun!

As a member of the FlowRider team, you will have access to FlowRider equipment and gear at discounted pricing!

If you want to join the team and help us grow the flow, please contact for more details.

See ya on the wave !

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